19th March 2017

Not leaving anyone behind

Chris Roper, Writer


In our fight for fairer energy prices, we don't want to leave anyone behind. 

So for those who find the plethora of comparison sites, tariffs, and suppliers a headache, or whose lives leave little time to investigate their options, we bring our expertise to them.

Our team of highly trained Energy Specialists travel the country, knocking on doors and meeting people to explain how much the Big Six have exploited customer loyalty with expensive Standard Variable Tariffs (SVTs). Using our own research on "tease and squeeze" pricing, realistic cost projections, and explaining just how differently we do things at Octopus Energy, our people give you a far more in-depth appraisal of your energy than an online comparison site.

Covid-19 UPDATE: Our field sales team have largely been halted, and we’ve ramped up safety measures to keep reps and potential customers safe

Octopus Energy sales reps stopped all in-person sales conversations when lockdown began. As things are now starting to ease up, one or two third party 'switching' organisations who recommend a number of different suppliers including Octopus (i.e. don't work for us) are beginning to knock on doors again.

To ensure the safety of staff, and potential customers, these small field sales teams have made a number of changes to the way they’re operating. Customers are no longer required to touch their devices with a signature, or provide bank details, and sales are now completed with a verification call (which is where we'll ask for bank details). On top of this, these teams are all wearing plastic face masks, have been provided with sanitiser for both their tablets and their hands, and will always keep at least 2m from all members of the public. Obviously, they'll never enter any customer's house, even if invited.

We respect that approaching people unprompted doesn't work for everyone – that's why all our team are trained to be polite educators, not pushy salespeople. We've found that having real-life conversations works better for those who've never thought about reviewing their energy (most of whom are still on those expensive SVTs with the Big Six). So far, we've helped thousands of people get a fairer price and better service – here are just a few of the great comments we've had from customers:

"switched to octopus energy from npower today with the massive help of Cameron hurell. Highly recommended, excellent service, lovely guy, now I feel like everything is under control and I no have no worries thanks to Cameron."

Vicky C, TrustPilot

"can I also take this opportunity to say that he [Khallum] was absolutely fantastic, well mannered not pushy and very easy to understand. I signed up with yourselves."

Razwana K, direct email

"Would like to leave positive feed back from one of your agents that are currently in the Tipton area... lady called Hema knocked tonight and she was fantastic, friendly, professional, down to earth and presents the company so well, she's definitely an asset to yourselves and we have just signed up, could this feedback please be passed to her manager."

Jess, Facebook comment

"Great customer service given by Matt, Area Manager. Explained how the company gives great value and peace of mind. Excellent. Definitely recommend."

Emma, TrustPilot

"Thank you for your acknowledgment and for offering an ecologically sensible AND cost- saving option to energy supply.

"Your company's approach is simple, clear and refreshing.

"All credit to your sales representative who came to my door. Normally door-to-door callers get a very cold shoulder at this address. Your representative (Charles ) put your product forward persuasively without being pushy - which worked for me - and explained the complexities clearly and simply. He was polite, professional, smart and relaxed and was a credit to your organisation.

"I have recently rescinded my job as a manager. Had I not, he would have been just the sort of employee that I would have engaged.

"Thank you again. Your company and product scored a hit first time with this customer!"

Carl M, direct email to our founder

"I just wanted to say that Simon Ryan Freer was the guy who helped me to switch. He was very professional and a nice lad. I would rate him 10 out of 10 Thank you Mrs Roberta."

Mrs Roberta, direct email

“He [Oliver] was extremely good, informative and very good at what he was doing. So many people trying to sell me stuff in the past and I wouldn’t have a thing. He really was good at what he did and was very informative. He needs a brownie point however it’s done.”

Carol, telephone call

"Just a quick note to say the rep who called to the house today was really helpful. . .Ryan Freer. He was polite and seemed genuinely concerned in the best deal for me. I'll look into my tariff but it seems a good deal from what he said. He was able to answer my questions and explain things well."

Nakai D, direct email

"This is a good product and, so far, has shown customer service at its best. The initial rep who came to my door was keen and knowledgeable but not pushy. He explained tariffs in understandable terms I am now saving 33% on my fuel bills. When I couldn't take a meter reading the rep to whom I spoke explained very kindly the (rather obvious) process of 'pushing the button' without making me feel like Grandad with the remote control! Responses to email queries have been prompt and helpful. Overall, I am very impressed. This is a fresh attitude to energy supply. I feel like a valued customer rather than a cash cow to be milked."

Carl, TrustPilot

"Just had a very nice chap called Barry at the door yesterday it's a great deal have changed to [Octopus] the change over is all over in 17 days very happy"

Doreen D, Facebook comment

There's a big difference between comparing the market online and having one of our Energy Specialists explain it all with graphs and analogies. Lots of the people we speak to have never switched – online research takes time, effort, and many are put off or have better things to do. And those who've switched before might've had a bad experience, perhaps lured in by cheap deals which turned quickly and unexpectedly into expensive SVTs, or experienced such poor customer service they vowed never to do it again. 

But it doesn't have to be that way – we can help you out of that cycle. Equipped with charts, visuals, and plain English, we can give you a full appraisal of your energy without the hassle of trawling through pages of tariffs that prioritise temporary savings over loyalty, customer service, and long term value. And if we can save you money and you like what we do, then we can sign you up in moments.

No matter what you decide, you're in control. All our Energy Specialists are experts whom we hold accountable for doing everything the Octopus Energy way. They're CRB checked, wear Octopus Energy clothing, and are tracked using GPS. We've even begun recording the conversations so we can ensure you're getting the best from our people.

We've also developed a special tariff with a longer fixed term to meet the needs of those who want to simply forget about their energy and get on with their lives. And you don't need to worry about forgetting to switch in the future – our SVT is very similar to our fixed prices because we believe the price you pay for energy should be a true reflection of its cost to us. Unlike the Big Six, we give you value for the long term, not just a fixed term.

So you see, while we won't be right for everyone, we will be right for many. Our goal is not customer numbers, but customer satisfaction. And what better way to get satisfaction than making an informed decision that saves you money, that takes you away from comparison sites and deals that go rotten soon after you pick them, to the peace of mind knowing you're sorted for energy.

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